One of my great passions is fostering and helping domestic rabbits. Likely the most misunderstood companion animal.

Please Follow These Principles

Too many rabbits get returned or abandoned as their owners are unaware of the following principles.

Adopt, don’t shop: There are so many domestic rabbits in need of a home that rescues just can’t keep up.

Spay or neuter: It is essential for the well being of both you and the rabbit. Ignoring this can lead to aggression, destruction, cancer, and a lack of enjoyment as well as greater long term veterinary bills.

Understand: There are so many unique things to know about rabbits , so do your research before deciding to adopt. Learning current information about domestic rabbits is critical to having a good experience with your bunny. The House Rabbit Society is likely the most respected authority on domestic rabbits, in all of North America and beyond. Their web site has a wealth of information.

Respect: Once understanding is reached, one must put it into practice.

The experience of having a rabbit companion can be an incredible one and we can help you make it happen.